Deciding on a Name for a company, product or service is among the first steps taken within the marketing process. It is the foundation of the entire marketing and branding effort. But with so much clutter, noise and clamoring for attention out there, if you really want to stand out, it’s all about NAME RECOGNITION. Moreover, with over 200,000 trademark applications and over 40,000 new products and services entering just the U.S. marketplace each year, getting the right Name approved by committees and cleared through the trademark offices is very hard to do.

And becomes harder to do with each passing day.

Which is why more and more companies are turning to professionals.

Like Marksmanship Branding.

We specialize in creating ORIGINAL Names for businesses, products and services.

This is how we got the “conversation” started with Accenture, Exxon, Coca-Cola, Rowe Furniture, Boyd Gaming and PBS.

Now, we’re excited about an opportunity to “start one” with you.

Securing the RIGHT Name is the most important, first step towards building a successful brand. Sticks and Stones may break your bones… but the wrong Name can really hurt you.

To find out how Marksmanship Branding can give your company, product or service a Name that will really get noticed in today's super-competitive marketplace, just call, text (713.248.4669) or send an email to

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