Names In today’s global marketplace, Brand Naming has become a major strategic and tactical challenge. But coming up with the right Brand Name can be much harder than it seems. That’s where Marksmanship comes in. Our process ensures the creation of the perfect Brand Name every time.
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Logos The right logo embodies an entire company, product or service into a simple, graphic representation. It must instantly connect “what you see” with “what you get.” That’s why creating the perfect logo — one which works on all levels — remains the ultimate design challenge.
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BrandStory At Marksmanship, we believe that a slogan has one purpose and one purpose only: To represent and to sum up the essence of what differentiates one product, service or company from all others. And to do so in a very clever, succinct and distinctly memorable way.
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Explainer Videos

  Explainer Videos Because people would rather watch than read, an Explainer Video on your homepage is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to help your business get found online, increase its overall digital footprint, improve its search engine rankings, drive traffic and make the "phone ring.”
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  Characters With the immense clutter and competition out there, how do you get your Brand Story to stand out from the crowd? What makes your Brand different? How can you get it noticed? One proven way is with your own original Brand Character.
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Brand Story

  BrandStory Since the only constant is change, what every business needs today is much more than just a Plan; they need a modern Brand Story. From a marketing perspective, this is the blueprint that must come before everything else -- goals, strategy, tactics, execution, etc.
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